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Our faithful companions who have passed over the rainbow bridge are still with us in spirit. We will never forget their unconditional love, the richness they added to our lives, and the lessons they taught us. When our best friends leave us, they leave paw prints on our hearts. Barkwells has created a special sanctuary to honor and remember the canine loved ones who have changed our lives for the better.


The Memorial Garden is located next to the office in Asheville. An intentional space planted with native perennials, shrubs, and trees, this 4-season garden invites you to wander the path or sit and contemplate the beauty of nature and the unconditional love of dogs.


Memorial stones to honor those who’ve reveled in family and freedom at Barkwells can be purchased through Meadow Creek Stones. If you would like to place a stone, please order a river stone at Capstone Engraving.


You can read our blog posts here and here about the development of the Memorial Garden for more information.

Join us in celebrating the lives of our companions who bring inspiration, joy, and unconditional love into our lives.