Barkwells has a new website!

It’s a new dog toy! Barkwells has a new, updated website for our pet friendly cabins in Asheville

The new Barkwells site shows you a pooch’s paradise: pet friendly cabins in Asheville, North Carolina

Whether you’re a first-timer on the Barkwells site or are back to daydream about your next trip to the mountains, welcome to our new website! We invite you to paw through the fantastic upgrade and usability of our new design. Check out everything we have to offer at the most dog-centric and luxurious pet friendly cabins in the Asheville area.

We had a dog help develop the site to help attract new friends to these pet friendly cabins in Asheville

You might notice something fishy (mmm, fish?! Can I roll in it?!) about the text of our new website. It would seem that everything we write for, cater to and focus on is directed at the dog. This isn’t an oversight on our part: despite what the cat thinks, or the attention your toddler demands, everyone here knows that the real monarch of the household is the dog. Barkwells is known for hosting pet friendly cabins in the Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville. Why would we focus on the luxurious king beds, the hot tubs and the wireless internet for people? That’s not what our fuzzier market is going to drool over, so we called in a few consultants to ask what they thought we should highlight. As you explore what they said under property amenities, invite your pooches to look over your shoulder and get their feedback. We’re pretty confident they’ll give you four paws up and help nose your mouse to the reservations page.

Won’t you Come. Sit. Stay.® at our pet friendly cabins in Asheville?

Come on! Click the button! Click the button! Oh my gosh, he clicked the button! I KNEW he would click the button!

This is the one time your dog won’t get in trouble for begging. After you’ve scoped out all of our pet friendly cabins, you can look up availability and book your stay with a few simple clicks.

We boast being dog-friendly so frequently, we wanted to make sure that our site and services were user-friendly, too. Our website’s transformation is a testament to that dedication – to be friendly to all of our guests, no matter how many thumbs they have. You can now make a reservation, learn about our history, amenities and services we offer through our Come. Sit. Stay. Well-Being and Community tabs. Make yourself at home, explore – more info will come soon on the new features of this site.

We’ve worked hard on the new site, but try not to slobber on the screen – it’s not good for the microchips. (Microchip? I’m microchipped! But you can ignore that address and just send me to Barkwells Lane if I get lost!) ….Uh, thanks, Patty. Sorry – she takes over sometimes. Anyway, we hope you think the site’s as awesome as we do, but we’d like to remind you that 1) we welcome your feedback and 2) the real thing is SO much better. So once you’re done playing around in virtual Barkwells, reserve your stay and join us in the mountains!


  1. Pamela Murray says:

    We just had a wonderful visit to Barkwells. Teddy and Abby had, as usual, a lovely time frolicking around the pond. And what a treat to come home and find a nice mention in the new issue of Bark magazine!

    • Thanks, Pam! Glad to have you back again. We were delighted to see that mention in Bark magazine under Winter Escapes also! Barkwells is terrific in the winter – clear blue skies, crisp air and it’s easy to come in on short notice in case we have snow : )

  2. Courtney Carroll says:

    The new website looks great. I am looking forward to my next visit in Dec. 2012! I have been referring people your way and wish you had resorts all over the United States.

  3. Bobo and Brandy can’t wait until December and their next visit! Will you promise snow like last time? Bobo is Canadian after all and loves the cold! Brandy not so much, but she adores going and coming out the doggy door and admiring the chickens!
    We are all counting the days! Off to the vet’s for their final shots and official records so they can come!

  4. We look forward to seeing you next month! No promises for snow, but we look forward to having some this year. After 3 snows of a foot-plus two years ago, we bought a blade for the tractor so we don’t have to shovel by hand. That effectively warded off ANY snow last year, so maybe we will have some in moderation this year : )

  5. Etta & Steve says:

    It was an absolute delight to stay & experience Barkwell’s deluxe doggie & people resort. Sweet Georgia Brown and Annie came alive in cold air (we’re from florida) and loved frolicking in the pond and frost. The doggie door turned out to be a new form of freedom for all of us. Thank you again for developing such a great place. We will certainly return and have told everyone we know with a love of dogs about your exceptional establishment.

  6. Di Anna Kruse says:

    Michael & Ellen,
    What a wonderful holiday greeting we received today from you! I loved the sentiment and the cards of the seasons. Maybe we will be able to visit you EACH season of the year, but right now we’re looking forward to spring.

    Archie is 86 lbs now and has 3 more months of growth left. Haha! We’re calling him a ‘chocolate lug’, but he’s the love of our lives, and most days when he’s in the car, he looks at us and says, “Are we going to Barkwells again?” We’ve made a trip to the beach since we were last there, but we’ve not found anyplace where we can run free. How fortunate we found you! We’ll see you guys soon!

    Jack, Di, and ARCHIE

  7. Dale McCullough says:

    My husband Kevin and I stayed at Baxter Cabin in early November 2009. At that time, our two dogs, Heidi and Pandora, really loved the time they spent there with us. Sadly, Pandora passed away in January 2011 and Heidi passed away in May 2012 (both to Doberman specific illnesses) . Our current dogs, Holly and Greta (also Dobies), would enjoy a trip up there; we hope to make it soon. We are glad we found Barkwells and we tell our friends who have dogs whenever the subject comes up that Barkwells is a great place to stay with your dog(s).

    • Hi Dale,
      We are so sorry to hear that Heidi and Pandora have moved on. We hope that Holly and Greta have also become your “dobie darlings” and that you are able to visit with them sometime this year. We wish you and your dogs a happy, healthy new year.

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