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Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

Our four legged family is never with us long enough. Of the more than 10,000 dogs that have stayed with us at Barkwells in our 17 years, so many have moved on. Their loved ones keep their spirits close and want to remember them always. To honor and memorialize these beloved ones, Barkwells has created its Memorial Garden, where stones can be placed during your stay.

Some guests ask if they can spread their dogs’ ashes at Barkwells, as it truly was their “happy place”. Cremated remains are naturally salty and alkaline, so they are toxic to plants, therefore, not a good solution for the health of our small property.

We are fortunate to have NC’s only conservation burial park right next door. Carolina Memorial Sanctuary is a beautiful and welcome resource for information and alternatives. We asked about ashes and they provided the following information.


We appreciate you honoring your pets and our property by only scattering ashes at Barkwells that have been amended according to their guidelines.

"We use a product that amends the cremated remains making them less toxic to plants called Let Your Love Grow. The amendment is included in the price when someone purchases a burial or scattering of cremated remains, but we do not sell that product directly. You can buy it directly from their website.

When we add this amendment, it has to sit for a minimum of 4 months to make the scattering safe. When burying cremains, there is no wait time after the amendment is added.

If someone is interested in having their pet’s final resting place here at the Sanctuary, the cost is $250 per pet for either burial or scattering of cremains. For a natural burial of a pet, the cost is based on the size of the pet: $275 for cats and small dogs (under 30″), $350 for medium to large dogs (30 – 60″), and above 60″ figured on a case by case basis."

This blog explains more about the green burial of cremated remains. Feel free to email or give them a call if more questions arise.
Carolina Memorial Sanctuary
(828) 782-7283
195 Blessed Way, Mills River, NC 28759