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Barkwells Top Six Holiday Gifts to Get Your Dog

Barkwells Top Six Holiday Gifts to Get Your Dog

The gift-buying season has begun, and Christmas will be here before we know it. We know you are excited about the season and want to make sure you have everyone covered, so you are making your list of all those special in your life. Well, don’t forget about your furry, four-legged family members. Santa can’t forget them!

Too bad dogs can’t give us their Christmas lists like the others in our lives. There are many things to consider when deciding on what gifts to purchase for your pooch, their energy level, flavors they like, toys they should and should not have, and many other factors. But as you get to know your furry friend, we know you will make the best choices for their gifts. Below are a few ideas to help you out!


Top Six Holiday Gifts to Get Your Dog

1. Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs love playing and chewing on toys and things they aren’t supposed to chew. Interactive dog toys make wonderful Christmas presents. Typical chew toys are great for entertaining your dog and satisfying their chewing instinct, but interactive toys stimulate your dog’s brain as they are trying to get the hidden treat, making it a better chew toy option.

With an interactive dog toy, your dog must figure out how to paw or push on the dispenser in order to release the treat. This brain stimulation helps the dog become a better, more well-adjusted furry friend and relieves boredom.

2. Special Treats

We all know how much dogs love special treats. It’s important to research the treats you give your pup. You want to make sure you don’t give them anything that will harm them. There are treats out there that are actually nutritious for your dog. Christmas is a great time to treat your dog to a little something special they may not get year-round.

  • The Hop Ice Cream For Dogs: Dogs love this all-natural peanut butter and banana frozen yogurt (with no added sugar) that is made locally at The Hop. It’s healthy and delicious! Happy Tails Ice Cream can be purchased on-site at the Barkwells Shop.

  • Your dog will love dog handcrafted artisan dog pretzels from Asheville Pretzel Co For Dogs. Another yummy yet healthy treat for your pup. You can also purchase the handcrafted artisan dog pretzels on-site at the Barkwells Shop.

3. Toys That Crinkle

Dogs get excited by playing with toys that make noise. Crinkle dog toys are great for dogs, and owners, who don’t like the squeaker toys that are high-pitched but enjoy a little crinkle here and there.

4. Dog Bed

What a perfect Christmas gift so your dog can enjoy and soak in all the benefits of a comfortable dog bed. A good quality dog bed offers many benefits, and it is essential to your dog's continuous happiness and well-being.

A few of the benefits of your dog having his own comfortable bed are:

  • To prevent misbehavior
  • Uncomfortable bedding can lead to interrupted sleep, which could cause your dog to be irritable and negatively affect their overall well-being
  • Keeps them warm
  • Gives them a place they can call their own

You can get an embroidered Brindle Orthopedic Dog Bed at the Barkwells Shop. The Brindle orthopedic dog bed has an all-memory foam construction to provide a soft, supportive, and secure place for your pup to sleep. The soft velvet cover is water-resistant, removable, and machine-washable.

5. Dog Wash

Taking care of your dog’s skin and coat is vital to his health. Dogs have natural protectants in their skin that help fight infection. A good dog wash has pure ingredients, so those natural oils aren’t stripped away, protecting its skin and coat while still cleaning him.

Harvest Dog Wash is an excellent choice for a natural dog wash, making it a great stocking stuffer for your dog. It can be purchased on-site at the Barkwells Shop.

6. Gift Certificate to Barkwells

At Barkwells, we create happy vacation memories for dogs with people who love them. We are a small, peaceful community of vacation guest homes specifically designed as a destination for like-minded dog lovers, close to all the fun yet far away from every day.

You and your dog will love your time with us. You can purchase Gift Certificates for Barkwells to use as a vacation getaway for you and your furry friend, to give as a gift to another dog owner, or to use in our shop. No matter what you decide, a gift certificate is a great choice!


Giving your furry family member a Christmas gift can be such a joy. We at Barkwells would love to help bring that joy to your family.

You can rest well knowing you are supporting a business that strives to be good stewards of the land and all who live on it with sustainable, earth-friendly practices and policies. We are environmentally responsible, and we protect and enhance natural beauty by creating a safe and secure place for pets and people.

Please contact us today with any questions you may have