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Change is the Constant

It is said that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. We are so fortunate to have a Barkwells team that continues to evolve and change with the right people coming at the right time. As life continually changes, we expect that our staff will change, and though we always want people to follow their hearts, it’s hard to see them go. We are saying goodbye to two terrific team members who have been with us for definite reasons, but just a few seasons.


As we prepared to re-open our doors on June 1, Ty Batson, our favorite cowboy grounds and maintenance supervisor, let us know that it is time for him to fulfill his dream and work full time on his horse and cattle farm with his wife, Alison. We are so grateful to have had Ty with us for three years, and he won’t be far away as his farm is next door to our Brevard property. We know where to find him – in the barn or on a horse.

As Ty rides off into the sunset, it is so providential that Paco Rollins rode in on his motorcycle and traded it for the tractor!   Paco recently relocated from Vashon Island, Wa. with his family. He has had his tattoo machine manufacturing business for 18 years and when he is not
at Barkwells fixing just about anything, he hopes to resume, post-COVID, traveling the states and internationally selling his machines and teaching seminars. Paco has quickly learned that there is never a dull moment at Barkwells – ask him about fried slugs!

After our gardener and landscape artist, Ron Strilaeff, decided to return to his roots, literally, to focus on “growing” his WNC Edible Landscaping business, serendipity led us to Leonora Stefanile. With an impressive history in plant and animal management (the goats are thrilled!), Leo has made her list of priorities and is working right through them.  We are thrilled, too, to see the improvements she is already making and to recognize a welcome and delightful addition to Barkwells’ pack!