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It’s time to celebrate Independence Day! This holiday is somewhat complex in the hearts of dog parents.

On the one paw is the desire to revel in the nation’s most patriotic celebration, and particularly in the merriment of an extra-long weekend this year; but this also comes with deep empathy for pooches everywhere struggling with the booming percussion of fireworks. In acknowledgement of that heart tugging in two directions, this post offers a few suggestions of where to enjoy festivities in WNC for Independence Day, and a few tips and resources for calming a stressed pup.

Immerse yourself and your dogs in the serene beauty of Brevard, North Carolina, with a stay at the enchanting, dog-centric, Barkwells' Duchess and Charlie Cottages. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes, these charming cottages offer the perfect escape from the daily grind.

Step into a world of rustic elegance as you enter your cozy cottage retreat. With a seamless blend of classic charm and modern comforts, you'll enjoy classic Southern elegance and instantly feel at home. Whether curling up by the crackling fireplace or preparing a delicious meal in the fully equipped kitchen, every moment at the Duchess and Charlie Cottages is designed to rejuvenate and inspire.

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Running off-leash can be incredibly beneficial for dogs; contributing to their physical health, mental stimulation, socialization, and overall happiness. Off-leash freedom allows dogs to explore and engage in activities that stimulate their senses and fulfill their natural instincts. Below are six reasons on why unclipping your leash can be a good thing.

Hiking with your dog can be an incredibly joyful and fulfilling experience, both for you and your furry companion. One of the greatest joys is witnessing the sheer excitement and enthusiasm that radiates from your dog as they embark on the adventure. Their wagging tail, prancing paws, and eager eyes serve as a constant reminder of their sheer joy and love for the outdoors.