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Barkwells is entering into all its Springtime glory: a rainbow of flowers and foliage, harmonic choruses of songbirds and peeper frogs, and a crisp perkiness in the air of the earth awakening after a refreshing winter snooze.

Nature isn’t the only thing getting revitalized. Every spring, each cabin and cottage gets its very own spa treatment: 10 days of extra deep cleaning and maintenance to get all gussied up for arriving guests.

Valentine’s Day has past, but love lingers in the air.

Whether you’re looking for a slightly belated romantic weekend or some much needed self-care, Barkwells welcomes and honors love in all forms… especially this month. 

This Valentine’s Day do something special for the ones you love and the ones who love you unconditionally.

Just a few cabins are left for this most romantic time of the year, now just two weeks away. Take advantage of  what Barkwells does best, which is special attention to the most important details: health and well-being for all.

Raise your paw if last year had you howling for a much-needed getaway. And to think, 2020 has actually been a full 7 years for your dog!

Ring in the new year with a change of scenery and attitude at Barkwells. Your winter stay includes everything either of you could possibly need, from high speed internet right down to the dog towels and wine stopper (and the wine to go with it)!