Happy Holidays from Barkwells

Happy Holidays!

It is with gratitude that we look back on 2018 and the blessings of wonderful guests and friends, two and four-legged. Most of all, as we look forward to 2019, We will be celebrating 15 years of fun and play for more than 4000 guests and 10,000 dogs!!!

We have successfully dug out from Diego, which dumped a foot of snow on both our Brevard and Asheville properties. While lovely, there is quite a bit of tree cleanup in Mills River, and it will be spring before we see the impact of the heavy, icy snow pack on our shrubs and plants.

As always, we have projects in mind for the winter.  This year, we lost the lovely maple next to Baxter’s cabin. The good news now is, not only will we be able to actually grow grass in that yard (never before under the shade of that tree), and we will be doubling the size of Baxter’s yard by expanding it into the chicken yard ( The chix will be up with the goats with lots of room to roam).

The other half of the chicken yard next to the barn will be turned into a lovely garden access to the lower meadow and pond so that guests can go straight through rather than around Baxter’s or Libby’s cabin for access. We will keep you posted as we progress!


Also, through collaboration with Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, next door and their conservation easement with Conserving Carolina , we are cooperating with their restoration of the McDowell Creek stream bank and removal of invasive species, specifically the bamboo that has overtaken the back of the property. Check out ourDogBlog  for info and updates.

It is our pleasure to do our best to create a welcoming and beautiful environment for you to relax, renew and make wonderful memories in the company of your best friends.
We wish you peace and joy throughout the holidays and unconditional love in the New Year.

Michael, Ellen, Kim, Bobbi,
Martha, Camie, Ty, Devin,
Tina, Marion, Jessica
Fisher and Baxter, too!