Spring 2017!!! Fisher Answers Questions

Yep, these are not your basic FAQs! 
As the Top Dog around here (at least that’s the way I see it ) I have my own column on our Dog Blog, so check in on Facebook or our website and you’ll see a monthly  missive from me about what’s happening at Barkwells, or answers to pressing questions of the day. Of course, if you have any questions for me to answer, please send them to [email protected] with FAQ in the subject line.
Let’s start with an update on what’s been happening over the winter. With daffodils popping up their yellow heads, even through the occasional snow, it’s a sure sign that spring is around the corner, so there has been lots of buzzing around to get projects done before spring guests arrive. “Off-season” is always our busiest, as the housekeeping and maintenance teams spring clean the cabins from top to bottom and dive in to the never ending to-do project list. This year is particularly exciting, because so many things have been done to improve dog and people experience at Barkwells.

New Beach!!

First, and my favorite, the beach has doubled in size, which means more room to roll in the sand and run into the water at the pond! 

While that big, loud machine was here, you should have seen it snagging willow tree stumps and yanking them out of the ground as easily as I snag a grounder tennis ball! Now there are patches of grass seed over the dirt-filled holes, which should be all pretty again ’bout mowin’ time, and it will be lots easier to get in and out around the pond.


New Bo’s Hideaway!!

I hardly knew where I was when I went into the yard at Bo’s Hideaway! The sunroom is gone – and there is a full covered porch with a new ramp in its place. Now your people can enjoy the hot tub and outdoors no matter what the weather is like! The overgrown garden is gone, too, which means more running room for us four-leggers. Courtney has planted beautiful brand new plants around the porch and dog, the view of the mountains is terrific, even from 3 feet high!




New Cabin Signs!!

Even though the sign with my name on the cabin was ok, the rest of the cabin signs were looking pretty tired. Now we have gorgeous new signs that are easier to read, if you do that sort of thing. 


New Pier Steps!!

Holland had a great idea (I like the way he thinks ) and built steps down into the water from the bottom of the pier platform. Now when I leap into the water after a ball, I can actually get back onto the platform without scrambling up the bank. Thanks for knowing how we think!



New Doggie Bath!!

Not so sure yet how I like the giant steel contraption that was installed on the barn porch. I went up the ramp and got into it and there is plenty of room, but it sure feels like a bathtub…..I asked Baxter what he thinks it is. He got mighty nervous when the tray was adjusted up so he was closer to the faucet. I think his expression confirms my suspicions… 




New Doggie Shampoo!!

What is nice is the great smelling soap that sits next to the contraption. Kim found a company called Warhorse Solutions just down the road in Columbus, NC, and if Mother Nature made a pet shampoo, this would be it. It’s made with plants, Dead Sea minerals, essential oils and there’s no artificial stuff, pesticides or perfumes in it. Seeing the contraption, the new, fluffy, specially-for-dogs towels, the fresh smelling soap and the comfort of the spacious, gated, barn porch, it looks like a spa for dogs!


BeeKind at Barkwells!!

Speaking of great smells, the Barkwells pack is all about taking good care of people, dogs and the planet. The BeeKind amenities in your cabin are now in dispensers, so you can enjoy the luxury of Gilchrist and Soames products while supporting bee research and reducing the amount of recycling and waste at the same time! If you love them like we do and want to take some home, you can sniff them out in the office.



New Ceiling Fans!!

I don’t often look up at the ceiling, but I have noticed that every single cabin now has a ceiling fan on the porch to catch those sweet-smelling mountain breezes in the summertime! 


New Windows at Diva!!

The front window wall at Diva’s cabin now has two windows that actually open!  Another opportunity to enjoy the wondrous smells of the mountains – wooooooo.


Can’t wait for you all to come, sit and stay at Barkwells in the glorious spring, so we can run, sniff and play with all the new and wondrous happenings here! 
290 Lance Rd
Mills River, NC 28759

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