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travel with pets ashevilleNever before have pets been so important to the family. Hence, it only makes sense to include your pet family member in your family vacation.

While on vacation, unlike in the past when boarding your pet was necessary, an increasing number of people now decide to bring their pets along. This is true, whether it's a quick getaway or a week-long trip.

One of the nicest and liveliest cities in America is Asheville, NC. It is highly renowned for being an artistic community, a resort town, a foodie place, and the home of important figures, politicians, and bohemians. Due to its wide selection of outdoor activities, Asheville is the perfect destination to plan your vacation to travel with pets.

Asheville is a popular destination for both tourists and residents alike, who come for the city's top-notch eateries, breweries, and cultural attractions, as well as for its outdoor activities like water sports, winter sports, hiking, and mountain biking.

Asheville, North Carolina, is the highest city of its size, east of the Mississippi River. Asheville, North Carolina, the highest city of its size east of the Mississippi River at 2,000 feet above sea level, draws tens of millions of visitors each year. Every year, tens of millions of people go here for a variety of reasons, including:

  • There are countless miles of hiking paths in Asheville, ranging in difficulty from moderate to difficult.
  • In Asheville, there is one of the top mountain biking trail systems in the South.
  • The tallest mountains on the East Coast surround Asheville.
  • The River Arts District in Asheville is home to renowned artists and galleries.
  • Asheville is home to several small businesses and commercial malls.
  • Some of North Carolina's most recognized restaurants can be found in Asheville.
  • Asheville boasts the most craft breweries in the South.

If you're thinking about coming to Asheville, we can't wait to meet you! We are delighted that dog owners adore our community and are proud to be one of the most pet-friendly locations in the South. 

When you visit Asheville, you don't have to leave your cherished dogs behind. Travelers to western North Carolina are welcome to travel with pets and stay in one of Barkwells' luxurious cabins.

Barkwells Is the Place to Travel with Pets in Asheville, North Carolina

In order to cater to dog lovers, Barkwells is a tiny, tranquil neighborhood of vacation rental houses that are conveniently located near all the excitement yet removed from daily life. Dogs and cats particularly adore the following features of Barkwells:

  • Private fenced yard
  • Gated porch
  • Extra large dog door
  • Two large dog beds and one set of bowls
  • Dog towels, furniture covers, poopie bags
  • Dog gates and crates are available

Here are things pet owners love about traveling with pets to Barkwells:

  • Private hot tub spa
  • Parking at your door
  • Personal grill
  • Covered porch with ceiling fan
  • Porch bird feeder
  • Rocking chairs
  • Outdoor table and chairs

Amenities at our properties include:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Onsite professional staff
  • Verdant landscaping and gardens
  • Acres of fully fenced meadows to roam
  • Large pond with bass, brim, catfish
  • Beautiful views
  • Hammocks in season

We create happy vacation memories for dogs with people who love them. That means more to us than just allowing pets to stay in the room with you. We provide exceptional vacation accommodations, fun, and freedom for dogs and their families. There are also many activities in Asheville outside of Barkwells to enjoy during your stay.

Book Your Vacation and Travel with Your Pet to Asheville, North Carolina Today

Are you ready to plan your vacation getaway and travel with your pet to Asheville? Contact us for more information, or reserve your place now on our website! We would love to host you and your pet for a memorable experience!