A Moving Memorial


Our four-legged family never stays with us long enough. In Barkwells’ 15 year history, many guests have had their precious pups move on across the Rainbow Bridge. Years ago, Barkwells carved a path through the bamboo grove in the south eastern corner of Barkwells to create a memorial garden in honor and remembrance of their unconditional love. We partnered with Drucie Eudy of Meadow Creek Stones in Locust, NC, to provide engraved, river rock memorial stones. Over the years, multiple stones have been shipped to Barkwells to be placed by guests during their stay with us , so that the presence and spirit of their faithful dogs can be felt and remembered.

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Now a new, more intentional, memorial garden is being created between the barn and Baxter’s cabin. Baxter’s yard will be enlarged, and without the maple that was making it so challenging to grow grass, we will re-sod (again) and have a new and improved yard at Baxter’s cabin (YAY!)

We are designing the new memorial garden to be planted with color-in-all-four-seasons native species that encourage birds and butterflies, walking paths and a contemplative spot for the garden bench. It is a location that will offer a quiet space to honor our four legged friends as well as improving access from Barkwells Lane to the pond. We know this is a big change, but we believe it will result in a more beautiful and accessible feature for our guests to enjoy. The stones have been gathered (more than 30 of them!) and are being cleaned and stored for placement in the new garden. If you would like to relocate your own stones, please let us know. We look forward to sharing photos of our new memorial garden as the project takes shape, but we hope you will visit this year and see for yourself!