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Enjoy the beauty of western North Carolina in exceptional vacation home accommodations near Asheville or Brevard. These gated havens for like-minded dog lovers are specially designed to bring your four-legged family on vacation with you. You and your best friend are free to run, swim, and play where acres of fully fenced meadows and a pond provide lots of room to roam in a safe and secure environment.

Asheville, NC Property


Designed with your dogs in mind, these cabins have private fenced yards with gated porches, an XL dog door, and access to acres of fenced meadows and a pond. Both you and your dog will realize this is the perfect place to play hard and wind down. Eight cozy, comfy, and fully equipped cabins with fireplaces and hot tubs offer luxury – and room to breathe.

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Brevard, NC Property


Enjoy classic Southern elegance just 15 minutes from hiking Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest and 10 minutes from dog-friendly downtown Brevard. Choose from one of two dog-friendly cottages; either a luxurious cottage trimmed with gingerbread or a “treehouse” cottage.  

Both offer you expansive meadows and mountain views, privacy in your hot tub and yard, and the relaxing sound of water falling in the nearby ponds. Your dog will love the private fenced yard, XL dog door, and freedom of acres of fenced meadows and pond.

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Mountain Lodges


Nestled high upon the serene slopes of Cold Mountain, just outside the vibrant heart of Asheville, Barkwells invites you to embark on an unparalleled mountain cabin escape. Perched at a breathtaking 4,000 feet, this new addition promises panoramic views that stretch out into infinity, where the horizon is painted with hues of morning mist and golden sunsets.

The cabin whispers the tales of the ancient Appalachian range, and just out the front door, the mountains beckon with trails that weave through dense forests, leading to hidden vistas and untouched wilderness. It's not just a stay; it's an immersive experience of nature's grandeur. Embrace the call of the wild and the luxury of modern comforts at Barkwells' latest gem.

The view is worth the drive but it's steep!  4WD or AWD vehicles only!

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