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New Year News From Barkwells

New Year News From Barkwells

While winter’s chill has finally arrived and the Woody Farm donkeys have put away their holiday finery (never did see those ribbons again….), we know spring will soon be here.

As usual, our staff is busy with spring cleans and winter projects. 


Here are just a few of the things that get done every year to ensure that Barkwells stays at the head of the vacation rental pack:

  • Check that fans are operating correctly and not wobbly on high setting
  • Pull all shower heads off, soak in CLR and leave down for housekeeping to finish cleaning.
  • Check handles/faucets/hardware to make sure screws are tight and secure
  • Make sure all cables to direct tv boxes/dvd players are tight and secure to the wall going to device as well as from device to tv
  • Fire extinguisher up to date
  • Remove all light fixtures/covers/globes for cleaning and replacement
  • Make sure windows operate smoothly
  • Clean behind and under each appliance
  • Check doors to make sure they are tight and hung correctly. WD40 where necessary and check knobs and bolts for tightness and use the cabin key to make sure it’s an easy open
  • Take all screens down and wash and wash all windows.

While all the cabins are getting their annual top-to-bottom clean, Diva and Snickers got completely emptied out this year for their turn at shiny, refinished floors.

We are working on the outside too.

With the hard work and creative effort of gardener extraordinaire, Ron Strilaeff, Barkwells Mills River is checking a long time project off the wish list! We are in the process of creating a lovely landscaped waterfall with rock pool at the northeast corner of the pond. Plantings around it will be done in March and seating will be added. While this is still a work in progress, we are delighted to have this significant improvement to our lovely landscape and can’t wait to show you the finished product! See our video here.

The barn porch now is warm and inviting all year round with the addition of a toasty fire pit! You and your furry, or not so furry, family  can enjoy the camaraderie of friends outdoors no matter the weather!

barn porch with fireplace